Auto Loans Terms APR*
New/Used 6 Years or Less Up to 72 Months 2.50% to 13.00%
  Up to 84 Months 3.00% to 14.25%
Used over 6 Years Up to 84 Months 3.00% to 14.00%
Recreational Vehicle Loans Terms APR*
Travel Trailer, Motor Home & Campers 80% of Retail and Under Up to 180 Months 5.50% to 15.00%
Boats Up to 180 Months 4.50% to 14.00%
Other Secured Up to 84 Months 6.50% to 13.50%
Personal Loans Terms APR*
Signature Loans Up to 60 Months 10.00% to 18.00%
Line of Credit   10.00% to 18.00%
Overdraft Protection Loan   12.00% to 18.00%


VISA Credit Card Rates

*Your APR may vary depending on creditworthiness and qualifying services. Your rate will be set at the time of each loan and will be disclosed on the loan agreement. All loans are on approved credit. Rates are subject to change at any time.

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